• Consistently cleans organic contamination
  • Easy to use, affordable system
  • Lightweight, rugged design

The ProCleaner™ system removes molecular levels of contamination to ensure the cleanest possible SPTs, AFM probes and surfaces. The ProCleaner has established a winning reputation with the research community for over a decade and is known for having a superior product and a manageable price.

Available in two versions: the standard ProCleaner and the ProCleaner Plus for larger samples.

Contact: info@apexprobes.uk for a quotation or further technical specifications.


  • Cleaning molecular contamination from SPTs, AFM tips and surfaces
  • Curing UV-adhesives
  • UV photopatterning of SAM surfaces
  • Oxidizing PDMS
  • Surface sterilization
  • Etch, pattern, sharpen
  • Clean MEMS devices

Surface Types

  • Silicon
  • Silicon nitride
  • Diamond
  • MEMS surfaces
  • Glass
  • Mica
  • Metals


  • Compact footprint of unit
  • Consistently cleans organic contamination
  • Advanced lamp strength
  • Available in 110V AC or 220V AC
  • Lightweight, rugged design
  • UV resistant pedestal for positioning versatility
  • Safety interlock and indicator lights
  • Saves money by successfully reusing tips and probes
  • Pays for itself within 90 days of routine use