Our Company

We are a customer focused company dedicated to providing consumables and services to the scanning probe microscopy community.

With 20+ years SPM experience and decades of logistics experience in house, we strive towards fast and efficient provision of AFM probes and accessories, as well as high quality support and application advice.

Our Partners


Founded in 2002, NanoAndMore is the European distributor for AFM probes from Nanosensors, NanoWorld, BudgetSensors, MikroMasch, Nanotools and SQube, as well as providing calibration standards and other products for nanotechnology.

As the UK and Ireland distributor for these companies we can offer a full range of AFM probes, both premium quality and affordable, as well as the newest innovative developments in probe technology from NanoSensors’ Special Development List.


Kelvin Nanotechnology provides nanofabrication solutions through the state of the art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow.

We provide unmounted versions of Kelvin’s high end Scanning Thermal Microscopy (SThM) probes.